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Post  Seether on Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:20 pm

Here are the forum rules,

No Spamming, (Posting pointless messages like, Ok, Lol, Or somthing)
No Double Posting, (2 or 3 posts in a row is OK!)
No Swearing, (This is for all words except for, Screw and Hell.)
Be Nice, (No Fighting, Being Bad, Etc.)
Help Out, (Help out new members if you have time)
Don't go off topic, (If the Forum your in is about Tutorial, don't start talking about coding flash or anything else. STAY ON TOPIC)
Don't beg to be a Mod, Spy, Developer, Or any special rank.
Don't Annoy other users.
You can't have more than 1 account (on the forums)
No dating (Sexual Content is Considered Dating)
Don't abuse of the "Report Post" system. (Doing this may cause you a BAN or having the "report" button taken away from your account)

If you feel like your doing somthing bad, Then don't do it. There are 3 Warnings:

First warning, you will get a Bad Rank
Second Warning, you will get a different bad rank
Third warning you will be banned or Temp Banned.

Please try and follow the rules Smile lol!

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Green Team Winner

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 :: General :: Forum Rules

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