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Post  Seether on Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:53 am

There was alot of updating today, I Bet alot of you have been coming to the site and it was lagging, changing themes, etc. that's because I was choosing a new theme and stuff. I'm just here to say i'm done with updating! Heres a list of updates:

New Developer Rank (BADGE) The badge is for forums only, not the game badge!
New Administrator Rank
New Theme
Signatures Fixed
Custom Ranks Shop: CLOSED

The new Administrator Rank is for Trusted people, They will get it if I see them helping, Being Nice, Etc. They will have access to the Forum admin panel.

The signatures have been fixed!!!

The custom ranks shop has been closed until further notice!

I hope you like the new updates!

P.S. New test coming soon, Keep your eyes peeled! Wink

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Seether, Buzzblocks Creator.
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Green Team Winner

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