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Halloween Contest!

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Halloween Contest! Empty Halloween Contest!

Post  Seether on Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:20 pm

Halloween contest cancelled.

Alright guys, The halloween contest is on tuesday and i'm here to give you some info. So let's get started!
So the contest is on Tuesday (October 27) Through Wednesday (October 28). The contest will be held here, On the forums. We will have the best prizes for you guys! Alright heres what the contest will consist of, You will have to find 6 Pumpkins, The first 6 people who send all pumkins in will be the winners! all the pumking will be different colors and hidden in random posts/pages. A Bit hard? Nah it will be easy for the most skilled users. There is a few rules though, No sharing pumpkins (If you find one don't share it with somone else or you will be out of the contest), And staff isn't aloud to do the contest (sorry guys you can have the prize whenever you want)

Alright these are the prizes!
6th Place - Haunted House Rank
5th Place - Frankenstein Rank
4th Place - Witch Hat Rank
3rd Place - Candy Corn Rank & 500 Bux
2nd Place - Jack-O-Lantern Rank & 750 Bux
1st Place - Ghost Rank, In-game Ghost Costume, and 1000 Bux

And, there will be a seventh prize! All the other people who sent in all the pumpkins will be added to a Raffle and they will win 1000 Bux, In-game Contest Winner Shirt, and Contest Winner Rank!

There will be a Home-page message, and a new post here when the contest starts on tuesday!

Here is what each rank looks like

Halloween Contest! O8gtxk - 1st Place

Halloween Contest! 505myo - 2nd Place

Halloween Contest! 161kln4 - 3rd Place

Halloween Contest! 33nhpwm - 4th Place

Halloween Contest! Oayx5u - 5th Place

Halloween Contest! 2exsc37 - 6th Place

My personal favorite is the Jack-O-Lantern or Candy Corn one. Good luck on tuesday guys!

Halloween Contest! 2lb0sp0
Seether, Buzzblocks Creator.
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